BSH-F00E900670 is Discontinued

Code: BSH-F00E900670

Weight: 627.00 pounds


A high-end, manual, tilt-tower tire changer with maximum rigidity. 


The TCE 4335 THP is a high end, manual, tilt-tower changer with  outside clamping up to 26in. The powerful, dual-cylinder pneumatic mounting helper system offers three bead depressors that work together to make mounting and demounting low profile tires stress free. The heavy tower and cabinet provide maximum rigidity and saves tires from damage by eliminating tower flex.


Designed For:

  • Shop Type: General Service / Specialty
  • Usage Level:  Medium to high volume tire service with premium tire coverage
  • Tire Construction:  Standard tires with occasional high performance / low profile tires

Product Summary:

  • Manual tilt tower operation
  • Premium tire changer designed for  servicing standard and occasional high  performance tires
  • Services a large variety of tire sizes
  • Includes helper system with 3 points of  contact for challenging tire work


  • Includes 3-Point Helper Arm Assembly
      • Gives you extra hands to easily change challenging tires!
      • Provides a critical 3 points of tire contact that keeps the bead in place!
      • Eliminates the need for extra tools!
      • Includes a following arm, a large wheel for lifting, and two medium rollers for installation and removal assistance
    • Manual Tilting Column:  Fast and easy positioning;  Just one motion to lock in place
    • All tools within arm’s reach!  Eliminates wasted motion and time!
    • Advanced Mount/Demount Head Technology
      • Tire lever removal without touching the rim!
      • Integral tire iron slot keeps the bead in place for you!
    • Right-Sized Motor for Optimal Performance:  Optimal torque output with power when you need it while preventing bead damage!
    • 3-Position Telescopic Bead Breaker:  Faster operation and prevents wheel damage!
    • Super-Powered Jaw Inflation Jets:  Larger air channels for superior blast force!

Available Model Options:

  • F00E900669 TCE 4335 High Performance Arm Tire Changer
  • F00E900670 TCE 4335 THP High Performance Arm Tire Changer w/Mounting Helper System


  • 1695900001: TCE 300 helper column with following arm 2 support wheels
  • 1695102683: Tire lever
  • 1695103968/1695104083/1695100123: Lubricant container/holder/brush
  • 1695101608: Plastic mount head inside tab protector
  • 1695102725: Plastic mount head outside tab protector
  • 1695103996: Inflation manometer
  • Helper System: Includes TCE 300 helper for 3 points of helper contact

Optional Accessories:

  • 1695103261 (Alternate: SM103261):  Low profile bead pressing device
  • 1695103216: High profile bead pressing device
  • 1695106190 (Alternate: SM308512): Bead breaker roller board
  • 1695900025: Tire lift
  • 1695900003: Storage shelving kit
  • 1695101608: Plastic mount head inside tab protector (5 pieces)
  • 1695102725: Plastic mount head outside tab protector (1 piece)
  • 1695104071: Plastic Jaw protectors (Set of 4)
  • 1695106152: Plastic bead breaker protection
  • 1695105191: Plastic rim protection
  • 1695105190 (Alternate: SM102683): Tire lever
  • 1695102666: PAX accessory kit
  • 1695105104: High performance and run flat accessory kit
  • 1695102985: Helper arm assembly
  • 1695103547: Motorcycle adaptors (Set of 4)
  • 1695103545: Scooter adaptors (Set of 4)
  • 1695103252: Bead breaker motorcycle support
  • 1695103210: Motorcycle mount head and bracket
  • 1695103211 (Alternate: SM103211): Plastic mount head kit (Includes 1695102765 and 1695102529)
  • 1695102765: Plastic mount head adaptor
  • 1695102529: Replacement plastic mount head


  • External Clamping 10in.–26in.
  • Internal Clamping 12in.–28in.
  • Maximum Rim Width 12in.
  • Maximum Tire Diameter 39.5in.
  • 26in. Table
  • Helper System: Includes TCE 300 helper for 3 points of helper contact
  • Bead Inflation: Integral to Jaws
  • Motor Power: 1 HP
  • Power: 120V 20A
  • Footprint (width x depth x height): 47in. x 30in. x 72in.
  • Superior warranty (1 yr. parts/3 yrs. motor/5 yrs. trans./6 mo. labor)

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