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Esco 20415 Pneu-Tek Large Truck Tire Kit

Price: $935.98

Code: ESC-20415


This Kit features the Pneu-Tek Universal Impact Driven Demounter. Safe, Simple, Fast and Economical. Most Universal Tire Demounter on the Market. Works as a Hand-Held Tire Machine and shines where other tools fall short. Tackles the Hard 19.5 Reverse Hubs and Grader Tires. Can be used on ALL Tire sizes from 10 ATV Tires and Up. Great for Agricultural Tires, One-Piece Grader, Loader, Forestry and Back Hoe Tires. Come with 1 1/16 Socket. Replaceable Rim Protector (see parts section page 97 for details). Weight: 21lbs. (9 kg)

  • 1) Patented Designed Bead Grasping Heel
  • 2) Extension Foot - For Bead Grabbing & Dismounting
  • 3) 1 1/16 Pneumatic Drive
  • 4) Leverage Handle to aid in better Positioning of Tool

What's Included

  • 20408 Universal Demounter
  • 20404 35? Mounting Bar
  • 20403 52? Mounting Bar
  • 20406 Pair of HD Bead Keepers



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