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Esco 92000 YAK 22/11 Ton Air Hydraulic Jack

Price: $1,185.95

Code: ESC-92000


YAK Jacks

Quality Control: Quality starts with the choice of materials that are accurately selected and provided with technical data sheets certifying the technical and mechanical features as well as the checmical analysis. But the process does not stop here: it follows the machining and assembly phases till the presentation of the final product.

Assembly: Assembled by hand in Italy, qualified and professional technicians, guaranteeing quality control and continuity of each step of the jack production process.

Final Test and Inspection: Each YAK jack made undergoes final testing and inspection for more than an hour with automatic devices besides the ordinary tests established by the European Standards. It is then checked once again to guarantee its perfect working order.

Design: The search for maximum product quality is guaranteed by the high level of professionalism and experience, combined to the highest level of professionalism of ESCO staff. All the design stages are performed inside the company, using extremely advanced computerized systems, 3D technical softwares, and vector converter softwares.

Working the Raw Material: The working of each single item is done completely inside the company using numerically controlled machinery boasting extremely high technology, quality, and precision. Once the first stages are finished, the product is ready to be treated with thermic treatments.

ECO Sustainability: Sustainability, a brand new way of doing business, an ethical commitment for a better environment. Producing in Italy is synonymous with processes conforming to the strictest laws in the world. And it is for this reason that ESCO have invested a lot, improving their products with a keen eye on the environment. Products are painted with eco friendly materials and new painting units designed and made to use water-based eco friendly paint.

  • Extremely light, compact and efficient.
  • Made up with the best materials on the market, 92000 and 92001 represent the technological leading edge of our product range.


  • 100% Made in Europe
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • See images for specifications

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